The Worldwide Online Museum for Mural Art

About this Mural Guide is the worldwide online museum for mural art. Murals are large-scale artworks that are directly painted on walls and become part of buildings and their architecture. Murals allow art to leave museums and galleries and to live in the public sphere. They are open for everyone and can be found on public buildings like schools, universities and hospitals. They are often expressing the individuality of a community, its concerns and hopes.

On the mural map you will find an overview of murals in your own city, in cities close by or far away in other countries. Each mural is described in detail, contains a photo gallery and a short biography of the artist. Our collection contains murals that are not completely open to the public because they are located in private areas like restaurants, hotels or business foyers. You will find permanent artworks as well as temporary projects. In our archive section you will also find murals that have been destroyed and therefore cannot be visited in the real world any more. They live on in the worldwide online museum for mural art.

If you are looking for something very specific you can also use the search field next to the site navigation to find special murals, artists, themes or subjects.

Just use the map to explore the exiting world of mural art!
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