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"Denkmal" - Short Film about the East Side Gallery - Berlin, Germany

Fabian Friedrich and Jakob Schell are nominated for the BERLIN AWARD with their short film "Denkmal" about the Berlin Wall Murals.

International Empowerment Conference 2012 - Trieste, Italy

Last week I presented a paper on Community Murals in San Francisco at the international conference „From Discrimination to Empowerment“ in Trieste, Italy. Hopefully my article enables social organizations to make a better use of wall paintings as a visual counter-discourse and to implement inclusive Community Art Projects.

L'Art du Graffiti - Monte Carlo, Monaco

The exibition "L' Art du Graffiti" celebrates 40 years of Graffiti Art. In his incredible personal collection curator and architect Alain-Dominique Gallizia brought together 500 works on canvas of international artists from five continents. Until August 19th the show at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco gives a historical and stylistic overview from the American pioneers to the Europeans masters and the most promising young talents of the Graffiti movement.

"Give me a wall so I can escape" - Paris, France

The slogan "Give me a wall so I can escape" was once written on a wall in Berlin and became name of the urban art festival that takes place for the third time in Paris this year. Until July 24th street art will be celebrated in all its forms with expositions, projections, live paintings, dance and performances.

Mural Art in São Paulo, Brazil and Valparaíso, Chile

The highlights at this year’s Stroke Artfair in Munich were the featured artists from South America. Besides doing live-paintings Jerry Batista, Enivo, Rodrigo Branco, Inti Castro, Charquipunk, La Robot de Madera and Paulina Quintana Jornet presented their multifaceted artworks and talked about the mural culture in their home countries.

The Wall of Fame Continues - Basel, Switzerland

The „Wall of Fame“ at restaurant-bar "L'Unique" in Basel (CH) continues to grow as ART4000 adds new portraits of rock stars at the moment. L'Unique just got the permission to paint up higher and around the corner of the building. Right now the mural is covered with scaffolding and the artists will extend the mural in the next days.

Love My Bahamas Downtown Art Experience

When you think of the Bahamas you're probably picturing white sandy beaches where you can relax under the shade of coconut palms and swim in the turquoise blue Caribbean waters but the islands have much more to offer. If you have enough of relaxing and you want a little activity you can go to Downtown Nassau on a self-guided Street Art Walking Tour.

Parisian Street Artist JR wins the „2011 TED Price“

The Parisian street artist JR won the „2011 TED Price“ for his innovative and creative art work. He calls himself „photograffeur“, connecting photography and the aesthetics of graffiti in his pieces. Using black-and-white photos of expressive human faces and eyes to catch the attention of the viewer and point out social concerns on a global level.

Stroke.03 - Fair for Urban Art in Berlin

Stroke art fair is the biggest event for urban art in Europe. After its success in Munich this spring it will now take place in Berlin, Oct. 7th to 10th at "The Station" – the former postal freight depot at Gleisdreieck in Kreuzberg. This weekend you can also watch international muralists like Claudio Ethos (Brasil), Roa (Belgium), Alexandros Vasmoulakis (Greece), Faith47 (South Africa), Ima One (Japan), Chor Boogie (USA), Best Ever (UK) and others create their artwork on big walls in different parts of Berlin and learn more about their techniques.

New Project at the Public Library in Freising

Kultklecks is planning a mural at the public library in Freising that will take place in spring 2011. The theme will be the celebration of brilliant German authors and reading. Coming up is a public meeting in the library that we will announce later this year. At this meeting you will be able to take a sneak peek at the design planned and help develop the final theme. Everyone is welcome. Join our Facebook page at and stay tuned for further information.