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Parisian Street Artist JR wins the „2011 TED Price“

The Parisian street artist JR won the „2011 TED Price“ for his innovative and creative art work. He calls himself „photograffeur“, connecting photography and the aesthetics of graffiti in his pieces. Using black-and-white photos of expressive human faces and eyes to catch the attention of the viewer and point out social concerns on a global level.

In his project „Women are Heroes“ he shows the challenges of strong women and how they play a major role in everyday life of the community. Their emotions go from the tears of a painful past to the laughter of a brighter future and can be seen in India, Cambodia, Kenia and Sierra Leone. With his project „Los Surcos de la Ciudad“ he denounces the eviction of elderly people living in the old houses of Cartagena in Spain which are set to be demolished.

If you are interested in his work and motivation follow this link to watch his TED Talk video:



JR's Project is going global with your message of personal identity.
Upload a portrait, receive a poster and paste it for the world to see.

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