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"Give me a wall so I can escape" - Paris, France

The slogan "Give me a wall so I can escape" was once written on a wall in Berlin and became name of the urban art festival that takes place for the third time in Paris this year. Until July 24th street art will be celebrated in all its forms with expositions, projections, live paintings, dance and performances.

This year the focus is on women in urban art. Although women become more visible in the street art scene urban cultures are still not immune to stereotypes. The festival gives women space for self-expression and to exchange ideas beyond gender clichés and prejudices.

Today 10 artists painted a wall at the square Karcher and there will follow more live paintings at the gallery Confluences, at Le M.U.R. and the gallery Frichez-nous la paix. For more information visit the festival's facebook page: or contact the event manager via email: