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The mural depicts a giant weightless astronaut.

The work is a traditionally painted mural even though it seams to be made with a huge stencil. Details such as black paint running and dripping down the wall create this illusion.

At night, when the shadow of a nearby flag is projected beneath the astronaut's hand the intriguing idea of the artwork becomes obvious.

The mural was realized as part of the Street Art exhibition "Backjumps" in 2007.

“It’s very exciting for me as an artist to work in this way. When you’re placing a present like that in a public space, it creates an interaction with people you’d never talk to otherwise. It’s something you give to the people and making paintings outside like this, is a gift to the public.” (Source: Victor Ash's webpage:
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Waving flag

Unfortunately the company changed the position of the lights. You can't see the waving flag at nighttime anymore :(