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Interbrigadas Mural

Interbrigadas Mural
Photo by: 
Bianca Nandzik

A huge Yanomani tribe woman living in the Amazon rainforest at the border between Brazil and Venezuela shows her beautiful back to the viewer.

Karl Marx and a Pre-Columbian totem build a bridge between Germany and Latin America. A subway train driving towards the tropical rainforest is leaving collapsing skyscrapers behind. As one of the most important environments for exotic animals, plants and flowers the rainforest is full of life. Berlin Candy Bombers are shot with a blow pipe by an indigenous man.

The non-profit organization "Interbrigadas" invited four graffiti artists from Colombia and Venezuela to paint this giant mural at the Mercure Hotel in collaboration with German artists.

The mural is about global solidarity and respect. Latin America is famous for its beautiful nature, varied culture and joy of life but human right violations like politically motivated murders and exploitation of indigenous people are also common in this country.

In an interview with BBC Nadia Granados said: „In Columbia the voices of the people are not heard, so we use these walls in order to express the truth, which would be hidden to people otherwise.“ (Source: BBC News)
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