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Joga Bonito at Tachelesgarten

Joga Bonito at Tachelesgarten
Photo by: 
Bianca Nandzik

Illustrated in the center is an exciting moment at a soccer match. It is framed by Brazilian players and a beach soccer game in the sunset.

The silhouette of young people playing soccer in the soft sunlight at the beach is shown and cheerful faces of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Robinho and Adriano support the idea of the fair play.

At the dedication Marcelinho, a famous player from the Berlin Club "Hertha BSC" decorated the mural with flowers and during the World Cup, fans of the Brazilian team contributed their blessings and good wishes on a fence directly in front of the painting.

The mural is painted by the Portuguese Graffiti Artist "Daisy".

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