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Umleitung in den japanischen Sektor

Umleitung in den japanischen Sektor
Photo by: 
Bianca Nandzik

This biographical mural is called "Detour to the Japanese Sector" and depicts one of the places where people of Eastern Germany were not allowed to travel to. The wall is opened to reveal a pagoda and the sun setting in front of Mount Fuji in Japan.

The mural was inspired by Thomas Klingenstein's desire to escape and live in Asia. Because of his political views he was prohibited to study Japanology in the GDR. He was imprisoned and deported for dissent to the Federal Republic of Germany at the age of 19. A few years later he made his childhood dream come true and moved to Japan. In 1990 Thomas Klingenstein came back to Germany to paint the Berlin Wall.

"As a child, I dreamed of living in Asia, specifically in Japan. I wanted to find out more about that culture than was allowed in Communist East Germany because at the time Japan, like the U.S., was considered an imperialist power." (Source: Thomas Klingenstein,
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