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Unser Leben

Unser Leben
Photo by: 
Bianca Nandzik

The frieze depicts the work life of the German Democratic Republic and the benefits of education.

In an idealistical way the mural shows people at work. Ordinary people like teachers, doctors, construction workers and architects are represented as productive beings contributing their work to society.

Walter Womacka shows that family and education have a big influence on work life. A mother with child is standing under a tree, holding an apple in her hand and next to her is a teacher working together with his students and a telescope is pointing to the stars.

The mural is located at the „Haus der Lehrer“ at Alexanderplatz which used to be East Germany's education ministry. The mosaic is made of thousands of colored ceramic tile pieces. Walter Womacka used simple geometric shapes with bold outlines in the style of Mexican Muralismo. The mural is designated as a historic monument and was restored in 2003.

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