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Photo by: 
Bianca Nandzik

Drawings and comments of the clients decorate the wall next to the DIAcom, a mental health facility of the Baunataler Diakonie Kassel.

Twelve giant colorful leaves represent the months of the year. The mural tells people's life stories and helps to learn more about the emotional problems clients have to deal with. It shows the effect of stimulus satiation, anxiety disorders and depression. An obit from a client remembers his friend who committed suicide. The mural encouraged the participants. It banishes the social stigma attached to mental health problems providing space for discussions about anxiety and hopes of the clients. They became aware that they are not alone with their problems.

The mural also promotes peace, tolerance and social justice. The title is a combination of the name of the mental health facility and the "documenta" which is regarded as the most important exhibition of modern and contemporary art in Germany.

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