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Our Junkanoo

Our Junkanoo
Photo by: 
Bianca Nandzik

Hayuk's mural was inspired by the Junkanoo Parade which is how the Bahamians celebrate the roots of their culture with vibrant music and costumes.

Colorful patterns are woven into Toby Lunn's Mural "Junkanoo Phoenix Thunderbird Rising".

The Junkanoo Parade is held on Dec 26 every year. In former times it used to be a celebration of temporary freedom for slaves. The slaves were given days off at Boxing Day to celebrate Christmas with their family and friends. The largest Junkanoo Parade happens in Nassau and passes by the mural on Bay Street.

"Mural painting is outside of the gallery and market of art. That’s what I love about it. It is outside of the boundaries of a glass case, as a piece that is precious that can’t be touched.” (Source: Maya Hayuk cited by Reuben Shearer (06/23/2010): Love my Bahama. IN The Tribune)
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