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Eternal Swarm

Eternal Swarm
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The eternal movement pattern of the fish swarm reflects the life in São Paulo. It's impossible to escape the hectic tempo of this city. With a population of eleven million it's the fastest-growing city in the western hemisphere. But the mural captures not only the vitality of this energetic metropolis it also is a symbol for the constantly changing graffiti alley "Beco do Batman" in the Vila Madalena neighborhood.

Beco do Batman is one of the most vivid manifestations of São Paulo's graffiti culture. Every inch of this narrow alleyway is covered with graffiti. All houses are walled at the street with private courtyards inside which makes the alley a perfect place for a open air graffiti gallery.

Vila Madalena was a disreputable neighborhood of São Paulo at the turn of the 20th century and people didn't feel save entering the alley until the City Council redesigned the street with the help of some graffiti artists. Today Beco do Batman attracts graffiti artists from across the globe. The layers of graffiti art are constantly turning over, which encourages residents and tourists to visit the alley multiple times to discover newly surfaced works.

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