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Peter Day

Peter Day is one of Sydney’s best known Community Artists. He holds a Diploma of Industrial Design, a Graduate Diploma in Professional Art Studies and an M.A. in Community Public Art. In 1980 he painted his first mural in Bourke Street, Surry Hills and got hooked on it. He completed more than 170 large-scale public commissions in Australia and overseas.

In 1996 he established Environmental Art + Design, a company specializing in public art projects. Day created the two largest murals in the Southern Hemisphere, the "Gift Given" Mural (designed by Artist Bronwyn Bancroft) at the Robyn Webster Sports Centre in Tempe and the King George V Mural at the Rocks in Sydney.

Peter has made a special study of the dry fresco paint technique. He uses Keim Mineral Silicate to paint his murals. These paints were developed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, ranging from hot, humid tropical conditions to harsh cold.